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Hi, my name is Marharyta. I am a professional trainer specializing in stretching, fitness, body ballet, and dance. At trainings with me, you will learn how to relax during stretching, pump up your muscles in fitness and be plastic in dance. My experience is more than 6 years and I have been in sports for 18 years. My workouts are always positive and with no harm to the body. With me you will get into the shape of your dreams in no time!

I also have a hobby - choreographing wedding dances for couples :D

I will be glad to see you at my training!


  • Bachelor of Fitness Coach / Choreographer Aerobics Instructor
  • Trainer for sports rehabilitation
  • Dance trainer
  • Personal trainer
  • Group Fitness Trainer
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What I can do for you

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to get in shape and improve your overall health. It's a form of strength training that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. With body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges, you can build strength, improve your endurance, and increase your flexibility. You'll leave feeling stronger and more energized than ever before. So if you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, come try my body weight training classes today. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with just your own body and a little guidance.

Functional Training

Functional training is all about training the body for everyday movements and activities. It targets multiple muscle groups at once, improving overall strength, balance, and flexibility. It's not just about lifting weights, but also about mimicking real-life movements and activities. By training functional movements, you'll not only look better, but also feel better and move better. This type of training is designed to enhance daily functionality and prevent injuries. Unlock your body's full potential and take control of your body!


Pilates is a popular fitness method that focuses on strengthening the body and improving flexibility. It is a low-impact workout that is accessible to people of all fitness levels, making it an ideal choice for those who want to improve their well-being without putting too much strain on their body. It emphasizes controlled movements that engage the core, which helps improve posture, balance, and overall body awareness. By focusing on precise movements, Pilates can help reduce the risk of injury and promote overall physical health.

Strength Training

Strength training is all about building muscle and increasing overall strength. It includes exercises such as weightlifting, resistance training and bodyweight exercises. It's not just about looking good, but also about feeling good and being able to perform better in everyday life. Improve your overall strength, bone density, metabolism, and overall health with strength training. Take control of your body and reach your full potential!


TRX Training is a type of functional training that uses straps suspended from the ceiling to perform exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once. It improves overall strength, balance, and flexibility. TRX training allows you to use your own bodyweight as resistance, making it highly adaptable to all fitness levels. It is a great way to work on your core and improve your functional strength. Take your workout to the next level with TRX training.


Stretching as a service offers a holistic approach to physical well-being, focusing on flexibility, mobility, and relaxation. Expert instructors guide clients through targeted stretches, tailored to individual needs and goals. Sessions may include dynamic or static stretches, with an emphasis on proper technique and injury prevention. Beyond physical benefits, stretching services promote stress relief, improved posture, and enhanced muscle recovery.


Dance is an immersive experience that offers both physical and emotional benefits. Through tailored choreography and instruction, dancers guide clients on a journey of self-expression, fitness, and artistic exploration. It's more than just learning steps; it's about fostering confidence, grace, and rhythm. Dance instructors provide personalized attention, creating a supportive environment where clients can develop their skills at their own pace.

Pricing & Packages

1h Personal Training

10h Personal Training


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Marharyta Tanonina

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