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Lisa Marie

I have always been passionate about dance and sports, which eventually motivated me to work professionally in the field of professional dance. I have coached many solo dancers and dance groups, performed on stage as a backup dancer, and have been passionate about my dance career with a participation in the (HHI) World Championship 2019, in Phoenix USA, until a few years ago. Parallel to my dance career, I successfully completed education and training in the sports and fitness field and after years of experience, finally started working myself as an instructor and presenter for a group fitness program. Through this work as an instructor I had the opportunity to travel the world and stand on the stages of the biggest fitness fairs (e.g. FIBO and Rimini Wellness Fair).

Today, after 16 years of professional experience, I have the greatest joy in sharing all my knowledge, learned techniques and especially my enthusiasm for dance and fitness with other people. I look forward to every single session, whether it's fitness events with hundreds of people or a private lesson with you!


  • Various trainings in personal training, jazzfunk, dancehall, hip hop, expressive dance, LesMills Bodybalance, LesMills Bodyjam, stage dance, Fit&Funky™️, Salsation™️, Zumba®️ fitness and relaxation classes
  • Instructor in group fitness
  • 16 years professional experience dance
  • 14 years professional experience fitness
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What I can do for you

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to get in shape and improve your overall health. It's a form of strength training that requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. With body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges, you can build strength, improve your endurance, and increase your flexibility. You'll leave feeling stronger and more energized than ever before. So if you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, come try my body weight training classes today. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve with just your own body and a little guidance.

Cardio Training

Cardio training is all about improving cardiovascular fitness. It includes exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, and jumping rope. It's an effective way to improve your heart health, burn calories and boost your endurance. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your endurance, or simply stay active, cardio training is a great choice. Improve your heart health, burn calories and boost your endurance with a tailored cardio training program!

High Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of cardio that alternates short bursts of intense exercise with recovery periods. This type of training helps to burn more calories and fat in less time, and also helps to improve overall cardiovascular fitness. It's a time-efficient and effective way of training, perfect for those who want to reach their fitness goals in a short amount of time. Push yourself to new limits and reach your fitness goals with HIIT!

Mobility Training

Mobility training is all about improving range of motion and flexibility. It includes exercises such as stretching, foam rolling, and yoga. Improving mobility not only helps to prevent injuries, but also helps to improve overall strength and performance. A lack of mobility can lead to pain and discomfort, so it's important to maintain and improve it. Unlock your body's full potential and be more agile!

Strength Training

Strength training is all about building muscle and increasing overall strength. It includes exercises such as weightlifting, resistance training and bodyweight exercises. It's not just about looking good, but also about feeling good and being able to perform better in everyday life. Improve your overall strength, bone density, metabolism, and overall health with strength training. Take control of your body and reach your full potential!


Zumba®️ is a fun and energetic dance fitness program that will get your body moving to the beat of Latin-inspired music. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, I will help you burn calories, tone your body, and boost your mood. With a variety of dance styles, including salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton, Zumba®️ is a party-like atmosphere that will make you forget you're working out. So come join me and shake it to the rhythm of the music!

HipHop & Streetdance

Looking for a fun and energetic way to stay active? My hip-hop dance classes will get you moving and grooving to the beat! I will guide you through each step and teach you how to build your own unique style. Hip-hop is a great way to improve your cardio and coordination while having a blast. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting out, my classes are for all levels. Come join the fun and let the rhythm move you. Try my hip-hop dance class today!

Pricing & Packages

1 x 60min Private Lesson

You choose! Dance / Dance Fitness or Strength Training (max. 1 person)

1 x 60min Small-group Training

You choose! Dance / Dance Fitness or Strength Training (2-5 persons)


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Lisa Marie Schilling

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To watch me dance is to hear my heart speak